An alternative avenue for more intimate explorations is the lingam massage.
Lingam Massage: A Sexually Energizing Penis Massage

As many of us already know, the penis is a stimulating erogenous zone that plays a central role in a man's sexual experiences.

For those who are looking to level up their sexual pleasure, reconnect with yourself and your partner, and boost your ejaculatory control, this sensual body massage technique is just for you.

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Lingam Massage Explained

It's a tantric practice that allows the recipient to harness immense amounts of sexual energy that may otherwise become stagnant in our bodies.

The Lingam is the Sanskrit term used to describe the penis, while the massage is a type of celebration for the male sex organ.

Rooted in the belief that sexuality is a powerful and sacred aspect of our sexual health and well-being, the lingam massage aims to open our bodies and minds up to reach a whole new level of sexual satisfaction.

Shifting our focus away from the orgasm itself, this practice guides us to experience full-body sexual euphoria in the form of spiritual pleasure and emotional release.

It's a tantric practice that allows the recipient to harness immense amounts of sexual energy that may otherwise become stagnant in our bodies.

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Tantric Massage vs. Lingam Massage

The lingam massage is a subset of the overall tantric practice. 

While rooted in Tantra's principles, tantric and lingam massage provide different methods for achieving sensual well-being.

The tantric massage incorporates the entire body in the massage to awaken our inner sexual energy while also promoting relaxation and spiritual connection.

The lingam massage is a subset of the overall tantric practice. However, it focuses only on the male genitalia, more specifically, narrowing in on the penis. Though the lingam massage incorporates aspects of relaxation, its goal is to enhance pleasure, sexual performance, and orgasmic control.

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Benefits of a Lingam Massage

massaging is a great technique to improve blood flow through the genital tissue, which can have a positive effect on sexual function.

The lingam massage has many benefits. Many people are surprised to learn that most of these benefits extend beyond pleasure alone.

The lingam massage can help:

  • Improve sexual stamina and ejaculatory control: the goal of lingam massages is to prolong ejaculation for as long as possible, emphasizing heightened sensations and mindfulness to engage in a longer, more satisfying sexual experience
  • Enhance body awareness: lingam massaging helps increase sexual and spiritual awareness by remaining mindful and attending to our thoughts, sensations, and feelings as they arise through this practice
  • Relieve stress and promote relaxation: similar to other massages, lingam massage can promote total body relaxation, focusing on the intentional release of tension in the pelvic region
  • Heighten physical sensations and pleasure: becoming more attuned to the sensations we experience over a prolonged period can improve our sensitivity and strengthen our connection with our spiritual and sexual self
  • Boost sexual function: massaging is a great technique to improve blood flow through the genital tissue, which can have a positive effect on sexual function
  • Greater intimacy: involving our partner in these tantric practices can be an intimate and fulfilling experience, helping deepen emotional and physical intimacy
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How to Give a Tantric Lingam Massage

We recommend starting with foreplay to elicit a baseline level of sexual arousal.

Giving your partner the ultimate lingam massage is a little different than giving a handjob.

It involves the right mood, a good amount of lubricant, and of course, a level of comfort and open-mindedness to fully immerse yourselves in a sexual exploration.

Prepare the mind and body

Before jumping straight into the massage, setting the mood to help your partner get out of their head and into their body is helpful.

Set aside 1-2 hours either in the morning, afternoon, or evening when you can focus on the massage and avoid any potential distractions. We recommend putting your phones on Do Not Disturb mode, lighting a few candles, dimming the lights, and playing sensual background music.

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Have plenty of massage oil handy

Another key ingredient to a successful lingam massage is lubricant. Massage oils help reduce friction and increase sensations to improve the experience.

Find a massage oil that is the most soothing for your partner, whether that be a natural coconut oil or a therapeutic-grade oil. Make sure to test the oil on your partner's skin, such as their forearm or leg, before using it on their genitals.

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Progress slowly

Think of a lingam massage as more of a marathon than a sprint.

We recommend starting with foreplay to elicit a baseline level of sexual arousal. Use the massage oil to begin touching and caressing your partner's lower abdomen, inner thighs, and the skin surrounding their penis.

As you feel your partner begin to relax into the comfort of physical touch, you can move into the more intimate areas of their body.

Slowly massage their testicles, applying gentle pressure to each one at a time—cup them, squeeze them gently, or try using your fingertips to tease and touch the skin.

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Get creative with your massage technique

Once your partner is fully erect, it's time to add more oil to begin the penis massage. Some techniques that you can try include:

  • Wrapping your fingers around the head of the penis and gently tugging (you can do the same towards the base of the penis)
  • Applying slight pressure with two fingers on the front and your thumb on the back near where the head of the penis meets the shaft
  • Taping your fingers against the shaft of the penis
  • Introducing a slight twisting motion with the wrist as you move up and down the shaft of the penis

There is no right or wrong way to do it. The technique focuses on playing and creating new sensations without tipping them over the edge.

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Don't shy away from the prostate

With your partner's consent, prostate play can be an erotic addition to tantric lingam massages.

A prostate massage is a sexual technique involving the stimulation of the prostate gland, which is a walnut-sized organ inside the man's anus.

To stimulate his prostate, make sure to add excess oil onto your index finger before entering. With the tip of your finger angled upward toward his penis, gently slide in. About two inches inside the rectum, you should be able to feel the gland and apply gentle pressure to the area.

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Edge them as long as possible

Since the goal of the lingam massage is to awaken your partner's sexual energy rather than reaching an orgasm, edging is essential.

As you notice him start to breathe heavier, groan louder, and shift his hips ever so slightly, use the edging technique to back him away from orgasm.

The longer you can draw out the lingam massage, the more pleasurable the experience will be for your partner.

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What is lingam massage?

The lingam massage is a fancy name for a penis massage. It's a stimulating experience that involves massaging the penis, testicles, perineum, and the surrounding genital area.

However, the purpose is not to experience an orgasm but instead to achieve profound spiritual pleasure.

How long is a lingam massage

The goal behind a proper lingam massage is to prolong the experience as long as possible. While there is no 'average length,' we recommend setting aside an hour or two to try this technique.

What happens during lingam massage?

Instead of hurrying to reach orgasm, the lingam massage involves a slow and sensual massage to caress and stimulate the male genitalia, focusing solely on increasing relaxation and pleasure while boosting the holistic connection between the mind and body.

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  • The lingam massage is a fun and erotic way to spice up your love life or give yourself a little extra pleasure.
  • Similar to other tantric practices, lingam massages open the doors to reconnecting your mind and body, boosting ejaculatory control, and elevating your sexual experiences.
  • Experience it solo or share the indulgence with your partner to discover firsthand the indeed tantalizing sensations it brings.
  • Giving yourself or your partner a life-changing penis massage takes a bit of practice, so don't be discouraged if you finish too early!
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