Using Steady Freddy delay spray is easy. We recommend reading the "how to use delay spray" short guide with pictures below to get the full benefits of our desensitizing spray and its revolutionary evaporative technology (EVAPO™).

Steady Freddy lidocaine delay spray is a doctor-formulated, safe, effective and regulatory-approved solution for men to last longer and perform better.

Note: Scroll down to watch a video on how to use the delay spray and get answers to frequently asked questions.


Point the delay spray towards the underside of the top (head) of the penis and spray 2-10 times.

Tip: Everybody's penis sensitivity varies, so experiment with what amount of spray is right for you. For most users, only 2-3 sprays are needed; some may require a few more to reach their desired sensitivity.

Steady Freddy Delay Spray is pointing toward the underside of the top (head) of the penis.


Due to our revolutionary evaporative technology (EVAPO™) this step is optional but recommended.

You can rub the spray into the skin of the penis using a circular motion with your fingertip.

Once rubbed in, use a damp towel to wash off any residue from your hands.

Excess Steady Freddy delay spray is rubbed into the skin of the penis using a circular motion with a fingertip.


Before jumping into sex immediately, wait 5-10 minutes for the Steady Freddy delay spray to take effect. Keep in mind that the active ingredients may need extra time to absorb into the skin with more sprays.

Steady Freddy spray is uniquely formulated to reduce overstimulation without eliminating men's sensation.

Wait 5-10 minutes for the Steady Freddy Delay Spray to take effect.


Wipe your skin with whatever is available (wet wipe/water/aloe vera wipe).

This step is especially helpful before engaging in oral sex with your partner.

A hand is wiping any excess Steady Freddy delay spray from the skin of the penis.


Now, you are ready to delay ejaculation to enjoy longer-lasting sex!

With Steady Freddy delay spray, not only will you be able to prolong sexual intercourse with only a couple of sprays, but the psychological effects of using our spray can also help with premature ejaculation symptoms in the long term.

A couple is ready to enjoy the effects of Steady Freddy delay spray.

How to Use Delay Spray Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless. Watch the below how to use delay spray video to learn how to extend your playtime with Steady Freddy Delay Spray.

Frequently asked Questions

Yes, if you use the delay spray as directed, you will maintain your erection. The area to spray is on the frenulum – only this area will have reduced sensitivity.

Yes, our formulation is suitable for use every day.

Yes, delay sprays are highly effective at increasing IELT (Intra vaginal ejaculatory latency time). Effectiveness varies from individual to individual. 94% of men will more than double their IELT. Steady Freddy is the most effective delay spray and has had the largest premature ejaculation study ever conducted.

Simply pull the little black vertical seal towards the top of the spray bottle. After that press the red button on the side and twist the top portion with the ridges.