Consider these sex tips for men to avoid the embarrassment of her having to point them out to you.
Sex tips for men no man can life without.

For many men, the qualifier of a "good sex life" means having lots of sex, but there is more to a healthy sex life than simply reaching orgasm.

Whether you're experiencing a dry spell, are currently feeling bored or unsatisfied with your partner, or want to continue to diversify your sexual knowledge, adopting a "quality over quantity" mindset is sure to help you out.

Backed by sex and relationship experts, we've curated a list of the top 14 sex tips for men to help elevate your sex life and allow you and your partner to experience greater sexual pleasure and relationship satisfaction.

Note: Read the whole article or scroll down to the KEY TAKEAWAYS section at the end of this article for a short summary.

Top 14 Sex Tips for Men

1. Practice Good Hygiene

While general hygiene is essential to a healthy lifestyle, committing to good sexual hygiene can contribute to a better sex life.

Practicing good sexual hygiene can reduce infections and help minimize the risk of contracting all sexually-transmitted diseases.

Here are some recommendations to improve your sexual hygiene:

  • Wash your hands before sex
  • Maintain short, dull nails
  • Trim pubic hair to avoid the build-up of bacteria
  • Wash your penis after urinating
  • Wear clean underwear
  • Clean all sex toys before and after each use
  • Speak to your doctor about safe sex practices (i.e. getting tested, condom use, etc).
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2. Foreplay Is Not a Suggestion

Foreplay is not as much of a suggestion as it is required to improve the quality of your sex.

Unless you're engaging in a "quicky" before work, engaging in foreplay can help boost the levels of pleasure and passion within your romantic relationship.

Clinical sexologist Dr. Denise Renye [1] mentions that "sex is not linear". Rather than using foreplay as the entryway to penetrative sex, use it to explore your partner's desires, wants, and needs.

When we remove this "end goal" of achieving an orgasm, we can begin to unravel the true nature of pleasure for more fulfilling sexual engagements. From dirty talk to hand-holding, caressing to massaging, stroking to oral sex, plenty of ways exist to intensify foreplay.

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3. Sex Isn't All About the Penis

From a young age, we learn that sex involves penis-to-vagina penetration. While this is undoubtedly true, there is an abundance of sexual techniques that don't involve the penis at all!

Regarding the female orgasm, it can be a little tricky to figure out. Although intercourse may feel amazing, it's less likely to lead to orgasm when performed alone without other techniques. For this reason, using your mouth, tongue, and fingers to stimulate your partner's erogenous zones can be instrumental in improving your partner's satisfaction in bed.

Manual Stimulation

Using your hands or fingers to stimulate your partner manually is a great way to help lead them toward the edge of an orgasm. Sex therapist Vanessa Marin [2] suggests using a finger or two to massage the clitoris during penetration gently. As you do this, find a rhythm in your movements by allowing your partner's moans, words, and body language to guide you.

Oral Stimulation

Going down on your partner is a surefire way to elevate the quality of sex to come. Not only does this boost arousal, but it also prepares her body for sexual intercourse by helping to lubricate the vagina.

Oral sex, also known as cunnilingus, involves using your tongue, lips, and mouth to stimulate a woman's erogenous zone. Take your time and focus on the entire area to start, including the vulva and labia, before narrowing in on the clitoral stimulation.

Work through different motions, including up-and-down, side-to-side, and small circular motions, all while building momentum.

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4. Lube Is Always Helpful

Lubricant is a delightful and sensational product to have on hand to help decrease friction and increase pleasure during sex and foreplay.

Sex expert Dr. Sari Locker [3] mentions that vaginal dryness is common in many sexually mature women and may be caused by numerous factors, including diet, medication, hormone levels, pregnancy, etc.

Having the extra lubrication available is a great way to experience more pleasurable sensations and improve both men's and women's ability to climax.

If you and your partner want to explore anal play, lube will be necessary! You can even find some fun flavors and temperatures (i.e. heating and cooling lubricants) to help spice things up in the bedroom.

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5. Explore New Sensations

A powerful tip to help enhance your partner's sexual experience is isolating one or more of their senses. For example, using a blindfold can increase sensitivity to touch. Since many women enjoy nipple stimulation, you can experiment with this technique using your fingers, tongue, or even a feather.

Other ways to explore new sensations are through temperature play (i.e. using an ice cube or candle wax), watching porn together during sex, or experimenting with vibrating sex toys. While paying attention to your partner's reactions as you explore each new sensation, you'll discover new turn-ons or "kinks" that can lead you to experience better sex together.

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6. Communicate With Your Partner

Let's face it, our partner is not a mind reader. If you have ideas to enhance your love life, whether they be inspired by these sex tips or not, it's essential to share that with your partner.

Sexual communication is essential to creating boundaries, expressing needs, and strengthening the connection between you and your partner. Although it may initially feel awkward, research suggests that better sexual communication is associated with increased sexual satisfaction in intimate relationships.

Relationship and sex therapist Darren Radley [4] suggests setting aside uninterrupted time to explore key topics of sexual communication with your partner.

Examples include:

  • Sexual initiation (i.e. when your partner prefers to engage in sex and how to manage situations when one person is not in the mood)
  • Sexual boundaries (i.e. what is on the table, what is off the table, and what may be reconsidered in the future)
  • Specific turn-ons (i.e. what sort of things ignite sexual arousal)
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7. Be a Little Spontaneous

When it comes to great sex, spontaneity is vital! Breaking out of your routine by changing positions, locations, or even personalities (i.e. role-playing) is important for long-term sexual fulfillment.

If you and your partner are bored of the same old bedroom routine, mix it up by engaging in a hot and heavy quickie in the kitchen before work or slow things down with a steamy makeout session in the shower.

From sex toys to lap dances, you and your partner can try many new things in bed.

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8. Get Flirty Over the Phone

Regarding intimacy, sexting is an exciting form of foreplay that can stimulate arousal and blood pumping.

One study published in the Computers in Human Behavior journal revealed that people who engaged in regular sexting with their partners reported better sex lives than those who didn't.

According to licensed psychotherapist Dr. LeslieBeth (LB) Wish, sexting can be a powerful tool to help stimulate the brain's arousal centers, causing the release of feel-good hormones known as serotonin and dopamine. Not to mention, texting is a great way to express yourself freely and discuss sexual interests in a pressure-free environment.

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9. Experiment With Role-Playing

Role-play is an adventurous sex tip that involves acting out your deepest sexual fantasies.

Whether you're interested in acting out a scene from your favorite movie or would prefer to engage in more traditional forms of role-playing, such as nurse and doctor or teacher and student, there is no rulebook to role-play -- so long as you are both open and willing to experiment.

If you're new to role-playing, it helps to start slowly and begin with a bit of teasing before leading into dirty talk. Eventually, you'll feel comfortable getting into character by wearing sexy outfits, getting out of the bedroom, or involving a consenting third person.

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10. Start With a Massage

For most people, feeling relaxed and comfortable is ideal for building arousal and getting into the mood for sex.

Starting with a sensual massage is a great way to help calm the mind and keep you present.

Since touch is one of many ways to explore human sexuality, massages offer the perfect avenue to connect with our partner's body physically and emotionally.

Sexologist and sensual masseur Colin Richards [5] explains that massages can help boost intimacy and open the doors to a healthy sex life. Begin by setting the mood with dim lighting, relaxing music, and scented massage oil. Start the massage by focusing on the back and legs before leading into the inner thighs. Take your time as you explore their whole body from top to bottom.

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11. Try New Positions

Along the same lines as being more spontaneous, trying new positions can be a fun and adventurous way to enjoy more frequent sex without becoming boring.

As we get into the groove of sex with a partner, it's easy to fall into a routine. Changing sex positions helps stimulate different parts of our bodies that can lead to more pleasure.

Begin with a position you're both comfortable with before advancing into a new variation. For example, if you're growing tired of missionary, try a variation of this position, such as the reverse missionary, spread eagle, or the acrobat!

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12. Focus On Your Health

Among the many sex tips for men, focusing on your health may be one of the most underrated ones yet!

Practicing healthy habits plays an essential role in cardiovascular function as a way to increase blood flow and improve erectile function (ED).

As a bonus, focusing on your health can help you lose weight and improve your self-esteem, which can directly impact your sexual energy, libido, and arousal levels.

Here's how you can do it:

  • Eat healthy, well-rounded meals (i.e. focus on nutrient-rich foods, avoid inflammatory foods, etc.)
  • Engage in a daily exercise routine (i.e. 15-30 minutes of moderate exercise)
  • Minimize alcohol and tobacco consumption
  • Experiment with aphrodisiacs to boost sexual desire (i.e. chocolates, oysters, spicy peppers, etc.)

13. Allow Your Partner to Take the Lead

Sharing control in the bedroom can be a beneficial step toward enhancing your sex life.

Sex coach Dr. Joyce Morley mentions that most women enjoy taking the lead in the bedroom from time to time. Giving up your control to allow your partner to explore their desires can enhance sexual pleasure and help diversify your sex life.

14. Don't Skip the Aftercare

One of the best sex advice we can offer is never to skip the aftercare!

Aftercare describes how you and your partner support one another once sex is finished. While some individuals feel vulnerable or exposed, others feel energized and euphoric. Being present in the moment, offering a towel to clean up, and showing affection in your words and actions can help regulate her emotions and deepen your intimate connection.

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    • Suppose you're looking to have more mind-blowing, pleasurable sex. In that case, it all begins by shifting your focus away from quantity and more toward quality.
    • This guide is specially curated with the best sex tips for men to help elevate intimacy, deepen connection, and improve overall relationship satisfaction.
    • Whether you're sleeping with a new partner or have been life-long lovers, these tips can help you approach every sex session with confidence, poise, and an open mind.
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