Get the sex tips you need to pleasure your man in the bedroom.
A man in his thirties, laying on his back in bed without a shirt, thinks about sex tips for women.

You probably already have some of these sex tips in your physical and mental sensual gratifying repertoire. Still, we believe you may also find some new ones to go-to sex tips, big or small in this article.

Although this article focuses on sex tips for women used to please a man, some may work in different gender combinations as well.

So read on to jazz it up with your man behind closed doors with the following 15 sex tips.

Note: Our favorite sex tip for women is number 12. What's yours?

15 Best Sex Tips for Women

Regarding your sex life, your pleasure is as important as your partners'. Sex with your partner is a two-way street and it should feel as enjoyable to you as much as it is for him.

Let's get into it!

Sex Tip #1

Build Sexual Tension Through Foreplay

Don't skip foreplay. Men enjoy foreplay as much as women as long as female stimulation pushes the appropriate physical and physiological buttons.

Foreplay is one of the very best sex tips that every woman should be using both inside and outside the bedroom. Foreplay works to stimulate your partner's senses, build sexual tension, and increase sex drive.

Try to include as many senses in your foreplay as possible.

For example, use warm oils or ice cubes to stimulate their nerve endings and drive up physical arousal rather than massaging your partner with your hands.

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Sex Tip #2

Find New Ways to Tease Your Partner

Teasing is an underrated sex tip that helps to add more fun and pleasure to your sex life. When done right, teasing can stimulate arousal from your partner without giving them what they want.

The best part about teasing is that it can be done anywhere and at (nearly) any time. Use teasing to get into the mood for sex by building more and more sexual tension.

You can also use teasing to build arousal by dirty talking to your partner over the phone and sending him a spicy photo or SMS while at work.

Let your man watch you slowly undress in front of him, denying him any physical contact until you say so.

Or give your partner only a taste of penetrative sex by lightly pulling your hips away from him just before he wants to enter you. Another way of doing this is holding the base of his erect penis, keeping a subtle distance between his and your body for a moment before he is "free" to enter you.

Sex Tip #3

Be Confident and Take Control in the Bedroom

Harnessing the power of your confidence is one of the sexiest, most liberating ways to make a man fall to their knees for you.

Suppose your man is usually the one to make the moves. In that case, it can add excitement and spontaneity to the relationship to switch up the roles by initiating sex on your own.

If you struggle to feel sexually confident in the bedroom, relationship therapist Dr. Ian Kerner suggests easing your way into the mood by turning off the lights, using a blindfold on your man, picking out a sexy outfit to boost your self-esteem, or playing some stimulating music to spice things up

Remember that your man will look at you as the beautiful, confident, sensual woman you are, heightening his decision.

Sex Tip #4

Never Underestimate the Power of Physical Touch

Among all the best sex tips available, physical touch is one of the most powerful.

Sex expert Dr. Robin Milhausen mentions, "if you are focusing on touching your partner, observe their reactions or listen to their feedback". As you continue exploring your partner's body, learn from each touch, where they like to be touched, and the pace or pressure that feels the best.

Don't be afraid to explore using all of your body parts, from your hands to your lips, inner thighs, tongue, and even teeth, to touch, caress, and nibble your partner tenderly. It can create a tantalizing experience that will drive him wild with pleasure.

Similarly, withholding from physical touch can increase their desire and anticipation as they await your next move, making them yearn for you that much more.

Sex Tip #5

Explore New Oral Sex Techniques

It's no secret that oral sex can drive up arousal and be incredibly pleasurable for both men and women. If you fall into the same old routine, it may be time to up your oral game!

When giving your partner a blowjob, it's best to take things nice and slow before slowly ramping up the intensity.

Starting at the tip, gently kiss the head of the penis with moist lips before taking it into your mouth. Make slow circular movements with your tongue, teasing them a little.

Next, trace your tongue along the underside of his penis from the base up the shaft length. When the time is right (and the anticipation is at an all-time high), take his penis into your mouth and begin giving him head.

Listening to his moans or feeling his movements, you'll be able to find a rhythm in his pleasure for the ultimate oral experience.

Sex Tip #6

Get a Little Kinky

Let's be honest, vanilla sex can get tiring after a while. If you're looking for ways to be more adventurous in the bedroom, experimenting with kinky sex techniques can be thrilling to explore these desires.

Getting kinky with your partner allows you to uncover your sexual fantasies, learn what arouses one another, and permits you to discover more pleasurable sexual outlets in a consensual way.

Let your partner pull your hair during doggy style, drop to your knees and give him a spontaneous blowjob when he gets home from work, or make a passionate 'home movie' together.

However, if you're not ready to dive straight into the deep end of BDSM or sexual fantasies, there are some tamer kink options to explore, such as light bitting, blindfolding, restraints, sex toys, or temperature play.

Whatever you do, don't forget to talk about a safe word before you start!

Sex Tip #7

Explore the Edging Technique

If you want to drive your man wild in bed, this sex trick will work like magic.

The edging technique is a popular sexual practice used to prolong intimacy and give you total control over the intensity of your man's orgasm.

During intercourse or oral sex, edge your partner towards climax as you normally would. Then, rather than giving them the sweet release of orgasm, slow down or stop stimulating just in time, so their arousal levels drop.

This cycle can repeat multiple times, building up a more intense and pleasurable orgasm when it's finally time to let him tip over the edge.

Edging is a great way to help your man last longer in the bedroom, and it's even shown to be a helpful remedy for men struggling with premature ejaculation.

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Sex Tip #8

Experiment With New Positions

The great thing about sex and foreplay is that there are countless ways to, well.., do it.

Suppose you and your partner are used to having sex in the same position every night. In that case, it's time to add some variation to your sexual repertoire. New sex positions can help you change the depth, speed of penetration, and stimulation angle.

Not to mention, it can put you in a position of power during sex which, on its own, can drive your man to the brink of climax.

Here are three helpful variations to some mainstream sex positions that your man will surely enjoy.

Reverse Cowgirl

Rather than hopping on top of your man in the forward direction, turn around and experience a whole new angle of penetration.

It will give your partner a view from behind, and you will be in the driver's seat to control your speed and pleasure.

The Missionary Bridge

This missionary variation is the perfect position for G-spot stimulation.

Assuming the regular missionary position by laying flat on your back while your partner kneels in front of you, push your hips up towards the sky in a bridge position and allow your partner to hold your body close as he penetrates you.

Face to Face

To drive up the passion in your sex life, have your partner seated on the edge of a bed or chair and straddle him face to face.

Not only is this position incredible for more eye contact and physical connection, but it's also a super sexy way to enjoy more kissing, neck biting, and nipple play too.

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Sex Tip #9

Discover Pleasure in Watching Porn Together

Watching porn can be a healthy part of any sexual relationship. Not only can it spark a conversation about sexual fantasies or new positions, but it's a great way to initiate sex without having to say much at all.

As you watch together, begin touching your partner's arm, chest, and stomach. Let your body guide you as you work your way down to his lower abdomen to build anticipation.

Allow the porn to inspire you to move together, peeking back at the screen occasionally to find new techniques.

Whether you want to mimic the porno scene by scene or have it playing in the background as you get it on, do what feels suitable for both of you.

You may even learn new sex tips or two, like how to talk dirty, erotic real-life scenarios, or new positions that can lead to better sex or even help you orgasm faster!

Sex Tip #10

Explore All of His Erogenous Zones

There is so much more to having sex than stimulating the man's penis. Just like women, men have a plethora of other erogenous zones to explore.

This type of confidence and control can help ignite your partner's senses, intensify their orgasm, and make for a more adventurous sexual experience for everyone involved.

Sexuality expert Dr. Laura Berman suggests exploring your partner's erogenous zones using your hands. Here are some examples you can try:

  • Kissing or sucking his earlobe (or lightly breathing into it)
  • Lightly kissing or licking his neck
  • Cupping or lightly squeezing his scrotum
  • Firmly gripping and pumping up and down along his shaft
  • Using a finger to softly press into his taint (the area between the testicles and anus)

Sex Tip #11

Spend More Time Making Out

Kissing is incredibly underrated. Depending on the rhythm and intensity, kissing can communicate a wide range of emotions and sexual desires.

According to a study published in The American Journal of Medicine, kissing is scientifically proven to boost dopamine in the brain, which enhances our arousal, satisfaction and, most importantly, pleasure.

Begin your steamy makeout session slowly by tracing their lips with your tongue. You can also use your teeth to softly bite the edge of their lower lip or use your lips to suck their tongue gently.

Sex Tip #12

Show Him All Your Angles

Men are visual creatures. Often, the more they can see, the higher their arousal!

Consider this the next time you hop into bed with your man.

For example, rather than quickly tearing off each other's clothing when you get into the mood, take your time and overindulge in the experience. Take a step back and slowly unbutton your blouse one button at a time before sliding it off your body. If you're comfortable, play around with this moment by giving him a strip tease.

Another great way to help your man see your every curve is by moving your sex session in front of a mirror.

Giving him the whole experience of intercourse as he watches your arousal build can be next-level sexy.

Sex Tip #13

Take It Outside of the Bedroom

Men love variety. Showing your confident, spontaneous side can help you connect on a more passionate and intimate level.

Keep your partner on his toes by exploring new places to play, such as on top of the washing machine, against the kitchen counter, or in the car.

Sex expert Jacqueline Misla explains that having sex in places that are outside of your comfort zone can lead to more fun and creative opportunities to roleplay.

Sex Tip #14

Test Out the Male "P-Spot"

As it turns out, men can have more than one type of orgasm!

Aside from the more popular method of male orgasms, which comes from stimulating the penis itself, a small area inside the anus holds great power.

To hit this orgasm-inducing region, also known as the prostate gland (aka P-spot), cover your finger in a generous amount of lubricant and insert it into your man's behind. If you're ready for the challenge, pair this with a soft and sensual blowjob to give your man the ultimate orgasmic pleasure.

To slow things down a notch, you can also hit their p-spot by touching their perineum, which is the space between their anus and testicles.

Sex Tip #15

If the Feeling Strikes, Get Vocal

The casual moan, sigh, and groan is an amazing way to communicate your pleasure to your partner.

A licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist Dr. Laurie Mintz explains that sex is built on communication. Knowing that we please our partners (and they please us) can tremendously impact our sexual confidence.

The best part is that most men love a bit of positive reinforcement. What better way to tell them you're pleased with what they're doing than through a deep, longing groan of pleasure?

If you're generally quiet during sex, you can ease into this by breathing heavier as your arousal climbs. Or, you could let the moment strike you during masturbation and let loose.

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  • As a woman, it's important to continue exploring new and fun ways to enhance your sexual experiences.
  • Having the confidence to try out new positions, explore kinks, and play around outside of the bedroom can help you transform your sex life for the better.
  • Perhaps watching porn with your partner is a big first step. You could instead ease into things by starting with our hot and heavy makeout tips.
  • Remember, there is no one-size fits all approach to sex, be open to new experiences, prioritize your comfort, and check in with your partner to explore their fantasies.
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