Unlocking the utmost intimate experience through tantric sex to deepen the intimate connection and enhance sexual energy.
What is Tantric sex?

If you have ever wanted to bring more mindfulness, passion, and intention into the bedroom, tantric sex is the way to do it.

Tantric sex deepens intimate connection, enhances sexual energy and boosts feelings of pleasure and desire.

Read on as we explore the world of tantric sex and 7 of the best positions to help you unlock the utmost intimate experience of passion, pleasure, and beyond!

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What is Tantric Sex

Tantric sex originated from ancient Hinduism and evolved from "tantrism," which intertwines sexual intercourse with mindfulness practices that focus on creating a deeper, more intimate connection.

The purpose of tantric sex is to remain present in the moment throughout the sensual experience by slowing down, becoming more intentional with where and how you touch your partner, and circulating sexual energy both internally and externally.

According to licensed sex therapist Stefani Goerlich, tantric sex differs from regular sexual practices in that it emphasizes close bonds with one's partner, increases awareness of one's body, and highlights the skill of restraint to help you reach heightened levels of pleasure.

The tantric practice has become so popularized that many tantric traditions exist outside of the scope of intercourse.

Tantric massage is an excellent example of this, where two individuals can explore one another's sacred sexuality, deepen their sexual connection, and familiarize themselves with their bodies.

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Tantric Sex Benefits

The sole purpose of tantric practice is to unite two individuals through touch, breathwork, and eye contact.

The breath alone is a powerful tool to help encourage blood circulation, calm the mind, and relieve symptoms of performance anxiety.

As a result, tantric sex is known to help improve both sexual health and physical stamina and performance.

Many tantric techniques are used during intercourse to help keep the body and mind focused on the moment, which in many cases is shown to help resolve symptoms of sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

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How to Prepare for Tantric Sex

We can only practice tantra by preparing our minds and bodies to become open and willing to immerse ourselves in this experience.

Here are some helpful ways to prepare yourself for tantric sex.

Step 1: Create a safe, sexy environment

First, it's essential to set an intention before entering your sexual practice by creating a space where you and your partner can fully relax and unwind.

Consider all five senses as you prepare your space, such as lighting a scented candle, dimming the lights, setting the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, playing soft, sensual music, laying out fluffy pillows or blankets, etc.

Not only does this help you get into the mood to practice tantric sex, but it gives you the impression that sex is a unique, intimate, and special moment that you value.

Step 2: Remove all distractions

Removing all distractions from the bedroom is essential to ensure you and your partner are fully present and involved in the moment.

Unplugging from all devices, turning them off, or leaving them outside the room entirely can help give you a clear mindset to focus on yourself and your partner during sex.

If you have kids, it can help to explore tantric sex when they are out of the house or while you're alone on an intimate holiday.

Step 3: Practice mindfulness

Finally, it's time to get into the right mindset and fully immerse yourself in tantra practice through mindfulness.

Mindfulness is purposefully bringing attention to the present moment and becoming more aware of your senses by slowing down and connecting with your body – all essential components of tantric sex.

Start with deep breathing exercises by closing your eyes and drawing long, deep breaths into your lower belly.

Hold a moment, then exhale, relaxing your body further into the exercise with each breath.

t's helpful to sync your breath to your partner as you make eye contact, allowing each breath to flow in unison.

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Top 7 Tantric Sex Positions

Now that we have set the scene, removed all distractions, and embraced mindfulness, it's time to start having sex!

Here are our 7 favorite tantric sex positions that we recommend to couples.

1. The Close Embrace Position (suedo-missionary)

The close embrace is an intimate position that fosters a deep connection during penetrative sex.

First, have the man stand facing his partner like you would during the missionary position.

After entering his penis inside his partner, the man will lower his body on top of hers, intertwining his arms and legs with hers.

Penetrating slowly and intentionally in this position allows couples to feel each other's bodies, deepen feelings of intimacy, and embrace heightened levels of sexual energy.

2. The Trapped Position (suedo-cowgirl)

Like the cowgirl position, this trapped variation is a fantastic tantric sex position that boosts intense sexual pleasure for both partners.

As the man lays flat on his back, the woman will straddle over her partner's lap, slowly lowering down onto his penis. As she sits down, she extends both legs straight behind her partner.

Next, the woman will lean back and grab onto her partner's legs for support while he leans slightly back to grab hold of her legs.

The woman can gently rock back and forth as she controls the depth, tempo, and movement of intercourse. Remember to breathe deeply and make eye contact throughout.

3. The "Her Pleasure" Position (suedo-cowgirl variation #2)

This position is a female favorite for tantric sex. As the man lays flat on his back, the woman squats overtop with both legs on either side of his pelvis. As she slowly lowers on top of his penis, the woman squeezes her thighs together, moving her hips forward and placing her hands on her partner's chest for support.

With the woman in control of the depth, intensity, and rhythm, this position emphasizes "her pleasure" as she moves up and down, back and forth, or in circles to enhance the sensation.

4. The G-Spot Position

The g-spot position is the ultimate thrill and pleasurable experience for couples to practice.

As the woman lays flat on her back, the man will draw her in close by lifting her legs as he kneels with both legs on either side of her hips.

Gently, the man will lift her hips and place them on top of his thighs while he pushes his penis inside her to begin slow, intentional thrusting movements.

This position helps create the ideal angle of penetration for g-spot stimulation.

5. The Spooning Position

The spooning position is an ideal way to intertwine your bodies together to create more skin-to-skin contact and achieve better access to her G-spot.

Laying side by side on the bed, the man will insert his penis into his partner from behind. From here, the woman can move her knees towards her chest to help increase stimulation and pleasure.

Though eye contact isn't possible, the man can use his hands to explore her erogenous zones to build desire by stimulating her clitoris, kissing her neck, or playing with her breasts and nipples.

6. The Cobra

The cobra position is the ultimate tantric sex technique emphasizing a deeper connection through intense skin-to-skin touch and eye contact.

As the man lays flat on his back with his legs extended and closed together, the woman will sit on top of him and slowly slide his penis inside her.

The woman will straighten her legs behind her as she lays flat on his body.

With her hands on his arms, she can gently gyrate to move the penis in and out, rubbing her pubic bone on his to stimulate clitoral pleasure.

7. The Connected Position

The connected position is another incredible tantric technique to enhance feelings of connection and mutual pleasure.

As the man sits cross-legged on a comfortable surface, his partner sits on top of him, wrapping her legs around the back of his body.

The man will lift her legs as she inserts his penis inside her, allowing him to move her up and down gently.

This position requires moderate strength from the man and flexibility from the woman.

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What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex is a form of sexual intercourse used to achieve an energetic and spiritual awakening. It combines mindful practices, such as deep breathing, eye contact, and slow, deliberate intercourse. Tantric sex can help strengthen feelings of connection and lead to more intense pleasure.

What's the purpose of tantric sex?

The goal of tantric is less about achieving orgasm quickly (if at all). Instead, it focuses on creating a genuine, intentional, mindful connection with yourself and your partner.

Tantric sex helps release emotional blocks that may keep you from receiving deeper desire, passion, and pleasure.

How long should tantric sex last?

When done right, tantric sex can be an explorative process lasting eight or more hours.

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  • The essence of tantric sex is a combination of presence, emotional connection, and intimacy
  • Tantric sex heightens levels of passion during intercourse. Using various mindfulness practices, including breathing techniques and eye gazing
  • To make the most of this intimate experience, prepare your tantric sex environment by setting the scene, removing all distractions, and immersing yourself in mindfulness
  • All 7 of these tantric positions can help you deepen your connection with yourself and your partner, calm your mind, and help relieve any emotional blocks keeping you from experiencing pleasure
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