A couple in the bedroom is sitting on the bed as the woman looks towards his man sitting with his back turned against her, frustrated about his sexual performance anxiety.

Sexual Performance Anxiety: What to Know

Sexual performance anxiety is a familiar problem affecting adults of all ages.
Does size matter? In bed, a man and a woman discuss how penis size impacts sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Does Size Matter: Exploring the Age-Old Question of Penis Size Impact

Men and women have been discussing how penis size impacts sexual pleasure and satisfaction since the dawn of time and the topic remains relevant without any signs of becoming outdated.
Clinical trial study shows effectiveness of Steady Freddy Delay Spray on premature ejaculation.

Study Shows Effectiveness of Steady Freddy Delay Spray on Premature Ejaculation

The most extensive randomized, single-blind, placebo-controlled study ever conducted on premature ejaculation shows the effectiveness of Steady Freddy Delay Spray with impressive results of significant improvement in sexual satisfaction.
Sexual foreplay helps to elevate the sexual drive of a man and a woman toward more pleasurable sex and even stronger orgasms.

Your Handy Guide to Sexual Foreplay: Techniques, Benefits, and Communication Tips

Foreplay prepares the body for sex through emotional and physical activity, which results in heightened sexual desire and arousal.
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Sex Tips for Women: 15 Handy Tips on How to Be Better in Bed

Get the sex tips you need to pleasure your man in the bedroom.
A man and a woman are smiling as she whispers tips on how to last longer in bed to his left ear.

How to Last Longer in Bed: 13 Actionable Tips for Men

Find out about proven tips and techniques to last longer in bed to improve your endurance and enhance your sexual experience, whether or not premature ejaculation is an issue.