Pull Out Method

Pull Out Method: 5 Factors Influencing the Effectiveness

The pull-out method can be an effective form of contraceptive for some, but there is a caveat.
How to Make a Woman Orgasm?

5 Tips on How to Make a Woman Orgasm (with pics)

Female orgasms are a little trickier to come by – pun intended.
At What Age Does a Man Stop Ejaculating?

At What Age Does a Man Stop Ejaculating?

Many factors contribute to ejaculatory changes, but is there an age when a man stops ejaculating?
Missionary sex position is one of the most popular.

Missionary Sex Position With 10 Creative Variations

Upgrade your missionary sex with seven variations, getting more out of the popular sex position.
Semen color

Semen Color: Why Does My Semen Look Strange?

Temporary changes in semen color may occur due to various factors, such as diet, hydration levels, and exercise.
What is Tantric sex?

What is Tantric Sex? - Techniques, Benefits & Tantric Positions to Try

Unlocking the utmost intimate experience through tantric sex to deepen the intimate connection and enhance sexual energy.