Gents, it’s time to chat about the elephant in our pants. 

If you’ve clicked on this article, you may be dealing with premature ejaculation (PE) and you think it’s about time to let your partner-in-action know what’s going down. It’s nerve-wracking stuff, but it’s super important to talk these things through. Why?

PE can lead to feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, depression, and in its extremes, can make guys avoid all forms of sexual intimacy and relations. This can then make partners feel undesired, resulting in a breakdown in communication and other aspects of the relationship outside the bedroom. We’re keen on not letting it get to that point, so we’re here to help you stop it at its source. 

Here’s a bit of a game-plan to help you broach the issue with your partner and open up about what’s happening.

1. Be open about your feelings to your partner.

Don’t feel the need to downplay the situation - if it’s serious, it’s serious. Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability and what goes through your mind as it all happens. The more you talk, the better chance of getting things resolved.

2. Don’t play the blame game. Talk about possible next steps instead.

Pointing the finger isn’t going to lead to any happy ending in this situation. It’s important to understand that your ejaculation cannot be controlled by anyone (even yourself), but it can be treated (have you heard about Steady Freddy?). A better way to proceed is by discussing your sexual wants and needs with each other and whether seeking treatment can help both of you achieve these needs. 

Make sure to follow these up with concrete steps so everyone is happy! 

3. Look into other sexual techniques in order to reach sexual satisfaction.

With whatever treatment you choose to go with, there’s no reason not to bump boots ASAP and find other ways to keep things going for longer.
Sex therapists recommend looking into stop-squeeze and edging techniques, prolonged foreplay, use of delay sprays or even sex toys

4. Have an open mind about seeking professional medical help.

One fireproof way of resolving the issue is seeking professional help - i.e. stopping the pre-ejac right on the starting line in your synapses. 

Yes, that means not relying on suspicious magic drugs that claim to fix everything, and actually opening up with people who are trained to help.
It’s 2021. It’s time to leave to the macho ‘indestructable-fuck-machine’ persona at the door and be open to asking for help, even with sex.  If you or your partner are thinking that this is a viable solution, to be open to giving it a go. 


Guys, it’s important to remember - your partners have a somewhat vested interest in helping you overcome your sexual difficulty. Not only because they want to ride you every chance they can get, but they care for you deeply and want to make sure that you’re satisfied in every way. 

Alright, time to get off this article and get into it with your partner - you can thank us later! 

Discussing premature ejaculation with your partner is healthy and not as difficult as you may think.