Sex is the bees knees. Not only does it strengthen the emotional bond between partners but, let’s be real, it’s up there with a good steak or a firm head massage as one of life’s greatest pleasures. But this means, when sex isn’t really in the picture or if isn’t at a level that satisfies all involved, problems start to happen.

If you’ve clicked this article with the desire to bone better, then not only have you made a great choice, but you’re also not alone. Research shows that sexual performance is one of the biggest insecurities amongst men, and with 1 in 3 blokes suffering from premature ejaculation in their lifetime, it’s fair enough that you want to keep on top of your sexual health.

But never fear, here are 9 ways to not only feel better, but f*** better in the bedroom.

1. Regular Exercise

regular exercise

Keeping the blood pumping from exercise keeps the blood pumping in other places -- like your brain for your mental health. And your penis of course, for your sexual health. A 30-minute cardio session, 2-3 times a week is recommended to boost your sexual stamina (1)


2. Manage stress/anxiety


Stress and anxiety are like nature’s anti-viagra - for how hard they make life, it’s ironic how unhard they can make your penis. This is because stress increases your heart rate and blood pressure, which can be damaging to your sexual desire and performance. On top of this, stress and anxiety are the ultimate distracter in bed, it’s hard to focus on sweet love-making when there’s a million other things firing off in your brain. Try exercising, meditating or getting a really good sleep to de-stress.

3. Eat more fruit & vegetables

Here at Steady Freddy, we’re big believers in the saying ‘you f*** how you eat’, and we say it because it’s true - food can play a significant role in your sexual performance. Potassium-rich fruits like bananas are great for lowering blood pressure which helps boost sexual performance. Folate-rich spinach is another great food to consider as folate increases blood flow and therefore helps increase and maintain erections. Boo-yah! Avoid foods such as bread, fried foods and baked goods as these foods can make you feel heavy and clog your arteries with trans-fats, negatively affecting blood flow.


4. Ditch the ciggies

If you’ve kicked the habit and stopped sucking on smoke sticks then we’ve got great news - you now have naturally increased libido! As smoking damages your lungs, it makes it harder for you to participate in prolonged exercise where your heart rate is increased i.e. sexy sex. So if you’re still hooked, just know that smoking not only decreases your physical endurance, but lowers your libido and reduces the quality of your erections. Studies have also shown that smoking is independently linked with erectile dysfunction. A 2015 study found that quitting smoking often improves sexual function and reduces erectile dysfunction- BOOM, science! (2)

5. Limit alcohol intake

Whilst drunk sex can be fun, we all know it’s usually not the best sex. This is because alcohol is known to reduce one’s circulation, which can leave you with those sub-par erections. People who excessively drink regularly can also see side effects such as poor heart-health, weight gain and depression, which all bring your libido way down.


6. Get more sun

Sunlight stops the body’s production of the hormone melatonin, and while melatonin is amazing for helping you sleep, it also puts a damper on your sexual urges. The body produces more melatonin during winter, so to fight your body, get some sunlight once a day to keep those urges pumping.



7. Go to bed earlier

That’s right - sleep itself is enough to stoke the fires of your passions. Research shows that getting 1-2 hours more sleep a night is linked to a higher libido and having more energy to perform. So, if you’re dreaming of having better sex, then keep on dreaming, literally.


8. Spice things up

Sex thrives in an environment of excitement, passion and not knowing what’s coming next. So when sex starts to feel routine, boredom is enough to bring libido to a grinding hault. To bring back the zest to banging, you need a dollop of spicy sauce. Whether that’s a new position, incorporating some roleplay or even some sex toys for good measure, keeping your sex life fresh continuously makes it feel new and exciting.

9. Steady Freddy

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