We’ve all got our go-to move to help stick it out in the bedroom. But some tactics, like picturing your grandma knitting you a sweater, aren’t a sustainable action plan.

Trying new sex positions, along with other interventions like Steady Freddy Climax Control Spray, can spice things up for both you and your partner while also scoring you extra time on the buzzer. 

Using our sexpertise, we’ve collated a list of the very best positions to help you pump the brakes and last longer.

#12 The Lazy Sunday (Difficulty: Easy As)

Picture scissoring, then add a dose of penetration, and you’ve got yourself The Lazy Sunday.

12 sex positions to help you last longer

It may look like a position that will end you in a second, but due to the weight of your partner’s leg, your movement will be limited and focused. It won’t allow as deep penetration as the other positions, but it’ll certainly get your rocks off slowly and steadily while helping you maintain an erection.

All you have to do is lift your partner’s leg up on your shoulder and start thrusting. Simple.

#11 The Tilt-A-Whirl (Difficulty: Hard As)

This position will get the blood pumping to more than just your penis (which is probably why it works so well). The Tilt-A-Whirl helps you maintain your erection while also keeping your mind occupied with the safety of your partner (letting your partner fall may seem funny, but it’s an easy way to be unintentionally celibate for a week). We recommend this position right at the beginning of sex, followed by an easier position to help you orgasm when you’re good and ready.

12 sex positions to help you last longer

Sit on the bed and have your partner straddle you with their legs behind your back. Don’t hold them too close - keep some distance between your torso while making sure you’re attached at the pelvis. Hold their wrists and let the love-making begin.

#10 The Kneeling Teddy Bear (Difficulty: Hard As)

Make sure you do your stretches before taking a whack at this one. This position will help you control your movements and also let your partner (or you) stimulate their penis or clitoris at the same time. This is what you call a win/win situation.

12 sex positions to help you last longer

While both on your knees, face each other. Take one leg and place it flat on the floor and have them do the same. Next, take their other leg and put it on your thigh to begin penetration. Make sure that you place your pelvis slightly lower to make it easier on yourself.

Tip: For some more grip, try doing it on the floor with a yoga mat. While you’re there, you could always follow with some Downward-Facing Doggy.

#9 The Backseat Cowgirl (Difficulty: Depends on the car)

Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Hummer or a Mini, everyone loves the thrill of car sex. Best thing about this particular move, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for your partner to self-pleasure at the same time. Steamy windows, here we cum.

Go to the back seat of the car and have your partner jump on top while facing away from you. Penetrate them and have them move up and down on your penis. For more control, hold their hips and adjust the rhythm to the pace you want. Since most cars have roofs, this will not give a lot of range for movement.

TIP: Bring along your Steady Freddy spray and Steady Freddy Before and After Wipes on car-trips so that when the moment strikes, you’re good to go no matter where you are.

#8 The Cuffed Wrist (Difficulty: Hard As)

Tie your partner up into a sexy doughnut with this move that dips into the world of BDSM. By getting out the handcuffs (or tie/bra/pant-leg/whatever is knottable) and locking yourself into position, you limit your range of motion with deep and controlled thrusts that help you stick it out.

12 sex positions to help you last longer

First get your partner to lie on their stomach and cuff their wrists behind their back. Place some pillows under their chest to raise their torso. Next, spread their elbows and and pass through their arms, locking their wrists behind one of their ankles to secure it. Thrust away, good sir.

Tip: Make sure your partner is comfortable with the height of the pillows and stop if they’re uncomfortable. Try to use pillows you don’t use as your sleeping pillow, just in case they get caught in the splash-zone.

#7 The “Edge of the World” (Difficulty: Easy As)

What’s great about this position is that it doubles as a workout at the gym (same amount of sweat and grunting, probably less people watching your form) but it’s this extra effort that helps you last longer.

12 sex positions to help you last longer

Get your partner to the edge of the bed and get things started with a bit of oral foreplay. After this, hold up your partner’s hips and take a one-way trip to pound-town. While this position allows deep thrusting, the effort of the position discourages intensity.

Tip: If you’re not quite reaching your partner while you’re on your knees, the bed is too high. Try standing while your partner lays on the couch, dining table, kitchen counter and/or desk.

#6 The Cross (Difficulty: Easy As)

Feeling lazy and don’t want to work up a sweat? Let’s be honest, that’s all of us. That’s why The Cross is a good tool to have in your arsenal.

12 sex positions to help you last longer

First, lay down in bed, then have your partner lie on your pelvis perpendicularly.
Like a heat-seeking cock rocket, make sure you align to your partner’s vagina/anus to make the good times happen. Start thrusting slowly while they stimulate their clitoris/penis. move is super effective as it allows deep penetrative sex but it lets you control your movements so you don’t get too carried away.

#5 The Cross Legged Straddle (Difficulty: Easy As)

Get out your mortar and pestle, because grinding is the spice that slows down your happy ending. Straddling is a great position in this respect, as it brings the thrust to a “grinding” halt and forces you to perform slow, deep movements under the weight of your partner.

12 sex positions to help you last longer

Start by sitting it up on your bed and have your partner on your lap with their legs wrapped around your waist. Then penetrate them and keep the thrusts slow.

Tip: You’ve got hands - use them. Stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones and throw in some kissing for good measure.

#4 Slow cowgirl (Difficulty: Easy As)

It’s a classic for a reason. Slow cowgirl allows you to lay back and focus on lasting longer, while your partner does all the work - ahhh the serenity! Positions that require you to make that extra effort and take initiative often lead to a bit too much excitement, so this one is definitely worth throwing in the queue if things are getting too hot and heavy.

12 sex positions to help you last longer

Lay down while your partner gets on top. Try to respond to their pace and movements instead of focusing on fast and intense thrusting. In this position, you are still getting that deep penetrative sensation just at a slower pace which helps prolong the good times.

#3. 69 (Difficulty: Medium)

Winner, winner, cunnilingus for dinner. With the 69 position, everyone wins. Your partner gets amazing oral sex, and while you get so distracted by giving them the tongue-lashing of a lifetime, you forget about finishing yourself. It’s the perfect entree before the main act.

12 sex positions to help you last longer

Lay down on your back and let your partner climb on top facing the opposite direction. Position yourself at your partner’s genitals and then go to town. Pop a pillow under your head to give your neck a rest and to keep yourself right in the action.

Tip: If you often jump the gun during foreplay, Steady Freddy Spray also works to slow you down in these situations as well.

#2 Face to face (Difficulty: Easy as)

Want to make love like they do in PG-rated movies? Well, now you can. The face-to-face is the go-to intimate position that allows you to focus on your partner's face without getting too wrapped up with what’s happening beneath the sheets. It only allows for shallow penetration and restricted thrust movements so it’ll keep you nice and steady.

12 sex positions to help you last longer

All you need to do is face each other while laying on your side and then slowly penetrate your partner at a position you’re both comfortable with. Begin rocking your hips back and forth and you’re on your way.

Tip: Take this time to kiss and play with your partner's body. Also, make sure you place your pelvis lower than your partner’s in order to penetrate comfortably and allow them to be able wrap their legs around you.

#1 Spooning

If you want to ‘fork’ for longer, spooning is the ultimate move. It’s our Number 1 pick because it doesn’t require thrusting and the visual stimuli is usually limited to the back of your partner’s head*. (*Not kink-shaming anyone who loves a nice back-of-head).

Start by laying down on your side facing the same direction as your partner. Focus on grinding, rather than thrusting, as this will create a longer lasting experience. Make slow shallow movements and follow a rhythm that your partner feels comfortable with.

Tip: You can also speed up your partner’s orgasm by stimulating their clitoris or their penis with your hand. Cello players will be especially good at this.